Where to get Halloween DIY Supplies Online

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where to get Halloween DIY Supplies Online



Here at eshopguide.com, we love Halloween. It’s the perfect excuse to get creative, whether that be with making a DIY costume, home decorations, or simply some spooky creations. There’s no better time of the year to enjoy some arts & crafts, so here are our favorite e-commerce sites for all of your arts & crafts needs.


Arts and Crafts Nook

Arts and Crafts Nook offer a wide range of supplies, whether you’re looking for paint, décor, or something a bit more crafty. They sell a great variety of different brands and all kinds of products, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re thinking of making your house look more spooky this Halloween, make sure you get your supplies here. They deliver across the whole of UAE



If you’re looking to cut out the middleman and buy some ready-made craft products, then this is the site for you. It’s an online marketplace that offers some of the highest quality handmade goods across the whole of the UAE. If you’re looking to buy anything spooky then there’s a great range of décor and small goods, and if you’ve been particularly busy making things then it’s the ideal place to sell them too. Make sure you stay on the lookout for that perfect item though, as many of the things on here are unique and so you might not find them again. The site ships to the whole of the UAE.


Creative Crafts

Creative Crafts is a great website for those looking to get the kids involved, and they have a massive range of different supplies. There’s plenty of choice for things like cake decorating, which is very popular this time of year, and for things like paper crafting. If you’re thinking of making some spooky Halloween cards then this is the site for you. They ship to the whole of the UAE.


Creative Minds

Creative Minds is one of the best ecommerce to find the best halloween fancy dresses, arts & craft supplies, accessories and decors. Either you want to DIY or prefer ready-to-wear items you can discover a lot of things for your Halloween project on this website. They ship across UAE.



Creativa Middle East

Creative don’t just supply all you need for paper crafts, they also sell plenty of supplies that are ideal for making your own costume. Here at eshopguide.com, we much prefer making our own costumes, and that’s why this site is on our list. They’ve got plenty of fabric paints and glues, so there’s no excuse for you to not get super creative with your costume this year. They ship all of their products within the UAE.


Specialist Crafts

This site has absolutely everything you could need for a crafty Halloween. They have supplies for jewelry making, textiles, paper crafts, and more. Their product range is massive and means there won’t be any limit to your creativity. They offer free samples of products, and ship within the UAE.


Halloween is one of the most-awaited celebrations of year, and we think it’s the perfect time to bring out the art & craft supplies. So get creative this year; design your own costume, build some spooky decorations, and make sure you scare all of your neighbors and guests with your creations.






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