Benefits of online shopping directories for businesses

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Benefits of online shopping directories for niche businesses


Online shopping has become a massive industry all over the world, with the benefits to customers being almost endless. However, the growth of the industry has meant companies have needed to adapt quickly to this new shopping environment. One of the main ways companies can benefit is to use as their e-commerce shopping directory because we lists and compile only trusted online businesses.


What is an online shopping directory?


Think of it almost like an online shopping mall, in which many businesses are grouped together. We assigned a category that fits their products, and this can then be searched by customers for an easier shopping experience.


What are the benefits to a business?


1. It’s easier to reach customers


Online shopping directories are designed for ease of use, and are a great way for businesses to reach their customers. Rather than a customer having to search out your business online, which can be difficult if you don’t rank well on search engines, they can simply log on to the directory and find you there. Here at, we assign businesses to a relevant category, and make it really easy for customers to search. This makes the customer journey much smoother, and means they’re more likely to visit your site again.


2. It’s easier to attract new customers


If your site is listed next to big industry names, there’s more incentive for customers to visit. This is especially true of new customers who may be browsing a directory and decide to visit your site based on its description. This is a much easier way to attract new customers online, which can be difficult for new or smaller businesses. brings together both large and small companies, and gives everyone the same exposure.


3. It saves on advertising


Being listed on an e-commerce directory will save you money on advertising, because someone is already doing it for you! The main purpose of advertising is to reach new and existing customers, and so if you’re listed on a directory then visitors will be more likely to come to your site. Our directory includes description and contact details of your website, plus we feature select online retailers relevant to our social media posting theme on a weekly basis and seasonally blog about  product or website that are listed on our directory, because it is meaningful to get featured from other entities, it will help increase exposure and the chances of someone viewing your business.


4. Strengthens your search ranking


The way search engines decide which websites are most relevant to a person’s search is very complicated and made up of many different factors. One thing that improves your ranking is other sites linking back to yours. This should be a part of your SEO strategies. So being listed on our directory gives a direct link to your business, which will both increase your exposure and improve your search engine rankings. is a great way for niche businesses to increase their exposure to new customers, and offers an easier way for existing customers to find them. Considering how fast online retail changes, it’s a great way to stay ahead of the curve.




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